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Singapore Approach to Math with Meaning: Foundations of Number Sense

Date: Thursday - October 27, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Sold Out
Speaker: Sandra Chen

For Grades 1-6
Grace Church School

86 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003-5297

Sold Out
Mathematical achievement
requires basic number sense and it requires an ability to solve problems. All too often, children in the U.S. are lacking in both areas, as international testing in recent years has shown. For our students to master these essential building blocks of algebraic thinking, educators need to learn new strategies for teaching them. That’s where the power of Math With Meaningcomes in, providing your staff with targeted but flexible tools that will help every student truly understand and succeed in mathematics.

Participants Will:

  • Learn and practice specific foundational strategies for developing strong number sense
  • See how to build that number sense to teach computation of whole numbers and fractions
  • Master how to emphasize conceptualization before procedures (algorithms) through the concrete-pictorial-abstract sequence of instruction
  • Hear how manipulatives and strategies for active learning can help you appeal to all learning styles and develop strong young mathematicians
  • Consider how to incorporate math strategies from the training into their existing math curriculums

“Wonderful, eye opening, overwhelming, exciting! I can’t wait to get back to school and start doing all these things. Lots of OMG moments that make so much sense. I wish I had been taught this way.”

“Loved it! I feel empowered and feel my students will benefit from this training.”

“It was inspirational. I now feel much more prepared to deliver a complete math package to my students.”

Foundations of Number Sense

“Number sense” is an intuitive understanding of the relative values of numbers and the relationships among numbers. Strong number sense is built on mastery of place value, as well as automaticity with number facts. And research has shown that number sense is key to success with higher-level mathematics.

During this hands-on training, every participant will be given the opportunity to learn and practice key strategies for teaching place value, computation, and mental math in order to establish strong number sense. The resulting in-depth understanding of numbers will provide a strong foundation on which to build all future math success.

Program Outline

In this 1-day session, designed as an introduction to key Singapore Math strategies, you’ll begin with a quick overview of the strengths of the Singapore approach. Find out why the success of the math students in this tiny island nation has attracted the attention of educators worldwide—and how you can emulate that success in your own classroom.

Next, you’ll learn about the importance of place value as a fundamental element of any strong mathematics curriculum. You’ll see how computation can be taught through an understanding of place value. And, you’ll have hands-on experience using place value manipulatives that are yours to keep when the training is over.

You’ll explore strategies for building number sense, starting as early as grade 1. You’ll understand why and how this approach places such a strong emphasis on number bonds and part-whole thinking. You’ll learn how this coherent approach to instruction builds on student background knowledge and teaches for mastery.

You’ll see strategies you can immediately incorporate in your classroom that are based on the research developed by mathematics giants Jerome Bruner, Richard Skemp and Zolton Dienes. Plus, time will be spent explaining the foundational pieces that are necessary for students to understand when learning fractions.

Throughout the training you’ll have the opportunity to practice techniques, ask questions, and exchange ideas with colleagues. And you’ll come away armed with some incredibly powerful strategies for building real number sense in your students.

Why These Techniques?

  • Singapore students in grades 4 and 8 have scored at or very near the top—well ahead of the U.S.—in international math competency since 1995. We’ve seen the proof, and we believe that the concepts made famous in Singapore should be used to teach math around the world.
  • A 2007 report from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel noted how critical it is for students to develop computational proficiency with whole numbers. This includes automatic recall of number facts and fluency with the standard algorithms of the 4 mathematical operations. Math With Meaning offers many powerful ways to build this proficiency.

Program Materials

Place Value Disks

These easy-to-manipulate disks provide hands-on practice for developing number sense. Color-coded according to place value, the 140 foam disks allow your students to visually track what happens when they regroup numbers in both addition and subtraction.

Ten-Frame Cards

Provide the visual support your students will need to understand number bonds to 10. These extra-large cards give the pictorial stage that bridges the gap between the concrete and abstract representation of a number.

Place Value Strips

Strip away the confusion about place value! These color-coded strips provide students with a visual representation of place value and help them develop number sense.

Comprehensive Resource Book

As part of the training, every participant will receive a Resource Book containing all the practical strategies and ideas covered in the program. Also contained in the Resource Book is a Study Guide to help participants pass this training information on to their colleagues when they return to school. It will be a worthy addition to your professional library that is sure to be referred to again and again!

SANDRA CHEN is an experienced classroom teacher who has worked with both mainstream and special education students. She has utilized multiple grade levels of the Singapore Math Program to help advance the mathematical capabilities of her students. Sandra believes that drawing on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences throughout all content areas encourages students to pursue academics not only in the classroom but outside as well. Her love of teaching shines through in her energetic and enthusiastic presentation style. She holds a Masters Degree in Special Education, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. 

Sold Out
Registration and Credit Card Payment

Fee includes Continental breakfast, lunch and all materials ($38 has been included for materials)

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  • Non-members - $213.00 - Register Here

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