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Dean of Student Affairs for Private Jewish High School

Position Type Administrator
Start 08/28/2017
School Name Magen David Yeshivah High School - Provisional Member
City, State Brooklyn, NY 
Posted 05/18/2017


·         Magen David Yeshiva Joe and Celia Esses High School (MDYJCEHS), is offering an exceptional opportunity and challenge for a dynamic, resourceful, enthusiastic, take-charge person  to collaborate with senior administration to ensure student success. He or she is responsible for the meeting the school’s number one goal, quality education. The mission of Magen David Yeshiva is to ensure and globally support the continuity of Sephardic communities through education. Its vision is to develop a new, globally recognized center of excellence that prepares students to excel academically, graduate college as well as professional graduate schools, and apply their unique talents in the world to create economically independent and personally fulfilling lives. 

·         Magen David Yeshiva is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a Middle States Accredited high school with several college and international partners. It has an internationally recognized ‘Magen David Model’ highlighted by a senior year internship program.

·         MDYJCEHS seeks a Dean of Students responsible for promoting a positive school culture. The Dean of Students will work with the Leadership Team, teachers, parents, students, and outside instructional consultants to ensure that the high expectations we have for our scholars are maintained in each classroom and by all teachers at MDYJCEHS. The Dean of Students will report directly to the Chief Operating Officers and together they will work towards establishing a Responsive Classroom culture. The Dean of Students will also ensure the functionality of school-wide systems that support student achievement, safety, and efficiency, as well as MDYJCEHS’s community expectations. She/he will foster expectations around what is possible for children growing up in the Sephardic community.



·         Ensure students are held accountable to the MDYJCEHS Discipline Code and the Code of Conduct.

·         Be efficient, decisive, thorough and supportive of whole-child development.

·         Work tirelessly to reduce the frequency and severity of student infractions.

·         Do whatever it takes to make sure their students are successful.

·         Actively support staff and teachers in addressing student mistakes and challenges in conduct.

·         Observe classrooms to assist staff in maintaining our high level of expectations, consistent culture and addressing behavior concerns with the Responsive Classroom approach.

·         Coach teachers as needed to establish a strong classroom community that has clear expectations and routines.

·         Lead professional development sessions with teachers focusing on classroom management, school culture, parent involvement, and discipline.

·         Use discipline data to inform school-wide social, emotional and academic practices and professional development.

·         Work closely with Principal to establish a positive and achievement-oriented culture which reflects MDYJCEHS core values.

·         Work with the Rabbis to develop a Character Education Program to ensure that it builds and reinforces the MDYJCEHS values.

·         Work with the Rabbis to develop MDYJCEHS core value and character education classes on an as needed basis.

·         Liaise with safety agents and administrators.

·         Serve as an active member of the management leadership team to support school-wide success.

·         Participate in weekly Admin Meeting and other school-wide culture building activities.

·         Ensure the consistency and quality of the use of the behavior referral system and logical consequences attached to the system.

·         Serves as the point-person for dealing with behavior crisis-intervention, acute behavior issues, and attendance/arrival.

·         Monitors behavioral pull-out and in-school suspensions as well as after-school detention.

·         Coordinate with Dean of Student Life and manage after-school programming and other enrichment activities as needed.

·         Supervises breakfast, lunch, transitions, and dismissal.

·         Maintains accurate student discipline records, documenting all conferences, suspensions, discipline referrals, and phone calls in MDYJCEHS’s student information system.

·         Monitors behavior on the school bus and during trips, ensuring that students meet the behavior expectations and school culture standards both inside and outside the classroom.

·         Recruit a Parent Advisory Board on discipline.

·         Design/develop Student Court.

·         Convene the Discipline Committee.

·         Ensure students are in full uniform daily.

·         Perform other duties as outlined by the Principal.



               A successful candidate will demonstrate that she/he:

·         Is focused on achieving ambitious goals through strategic planning and constant data-driven analysis.

·         Perseveres in challenging situations.

·         Acts with professional integrity at all times.

·         Is effective in a team-oriented environment.

·         Communicates directly and sensitively with colleagues, parents, and students.

·         Goes above and beyond their job description to help others and to ensure 100% of their students are successful.

·         Is a constant learner that never stops reflecting and working to improve their craft.

·         Is task-oriented, organized and able to see ideas and initiatives through to completion.



·         A strong commitment to MDYJCEHS’s mission and vision.

·         5 years teaching experience, 3 years senior administrative experience.

·         Excellent classroom management skills.

·         Excellent communication and relationship-building skills.

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