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Date: Wednesday - August 14, 2013
Time: All Day
Location: Carey Conference Center
STEAMCamp is an opportunity for individuals and school teams from all disciplines and divisions to work together in a design thinking and unconferencemodel to explore and develop new thinking and plans for the year ahead.

Whether you are an expert practitioner or just intrigued by the possibility, STEAMCamp has something for you. Start where you are. Go where you can.

How do schools make the shift from traditional learning to modern learning?

  • from knowing to doing
  • from teacher-centered classes to student-centered learning
  • from the individual to the team
  • from consumption of information to the making of meaning
  • from schools to networks
  • from single-sourcing  to crowd-sourcing knowledge

Who should attend: Individuals and teams of teachers and administrators from all divisions and departments including the humanities and languages. STEAMCamp is about learning, making and doing for teachers. For best results, schools should send teams of at least 2.

What to expect: 3 long, intense days of collaborating and sharing and designing and researching, making and doing. You should expect to leave with curricula and projects and designs that you can use. The schedule will unfold as we go. We will use an unconference model for our work.

What not to expect: speakers, alot of structure, a rigid agenda.

Concept Outline


  • What if we could bring technologists and teachers and curriculum designers and innovators together to explore and learn tools and techniques, share expertise and subject knowledge, shifting out schools to places of modern learning.


  • Group of interested educators and technologists meet face-to-face for 3 days of hands-on work at Carey Conference Center
  • Over the 3 days, work groups will plan, design, and create and share projects
  • Arrival - noon on Wednesday,  in time for lunch.
  • Departure - after lunch on Friday

Proposed Schedule


A group of innovators from our schools will lead the event. Included are:

  • Don Buckley, Tools at Schools
  • Josie Holford, Poughkeepsie Day School
  • Stan Lichens, Poughkeepsie Day School (Board)
  • Gina Marcel, The School at Columbia University
  • Jaymes Dec, Marymount School
  • Chris Weaver, Hewitt School

    Important: Forward to those in your school who might be interested!

    Registration (single rooms as available. We may need to double up if space runs short. We appreciate your flexibility) Fee is all inclusive (room and board), with wine/beer in the evening.

    Fees (Discounts for groups and early registration will apply. Late registration fee of $50 will apply after August 1). Contact for more information.

    Residential Member  - $495 - Register Here
    Residential NonMember - $510
    - Register Here
    Commuter (meals only) - $345
    - Register Here
    5 or more, registering together -  445.00 - Register Here