Sharing our Resources and Experience

At the NYSAIS Annual Conference: Class is not Dismissed, April 12, 2007,

participants were invited to share ideas related to issues of socioeconomic class. Below are responses sorted into 5 categories: on-line resources, book resources, video/documentaries, parent/family involvement, professional development, and classroom activities. Whenever possible, the name or school of the source is given.

On-Line Resources


Š††††††††† “Living on Your Own”- give financial parameters and have students create a budget for living after college. A similar program called “My Financial Life” happens in the Middle School at The Calhoun School.

Š††††††††† From the IDEAL School of Manhattanó

o††††††† Project INTEGRATE

o††††††† Inclusive Education website

o††††††† Collaboration & Inclusion

o††††††† The Preschool Options Project

o††††††† National Down Syndrome Society


Š††††††††† Our mission statement on line includes: “We embrace Diversity.”


Š††††††††† No Name Calling,, “Let’s get real,” “Surviving High School”

Š††††††††† Sidwell Friends School (Washington, DC) website for article “Change or Die”

Book Resources

o††††††† White Privilege Peggy McIntosh

o††††††† Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria and Other Conversations about Race Beverly Daniel Tatum

o††††††† From the IDEAL School of Manhattan

o††††††† My Friend Isabelle by Eliza Woloson

o††††††† We’ll Paint the Octopus Red by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

o††††††† Russ and the Firehouse (Day with Russ) by Janet ElizabethRickert

o††††††† The Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism by Ellen Sabin

o††††††† Andy and his Yellow Frisbee Mary Thompson

o††††††† Brianna Breathes Easy: A Story about Asthma by Virginia L. Kroll

o††††††† All Kinds of Friends, Even Green! by Ellen b. Senisi

o††††††† Susan Laughs by Jeanne Willis

o††††††† The Best Worst Brother by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

o††††††† I’m gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem by Jamie Lee Curtis

o††††††† Class Matters, excellent book based on the NYTimes series on class from 2004-05

o††††††† Unequal Childhood by Annette Lareau

o††††††† [have] robust library and classroom collections on all aspects of diversity

o††††††† The Mind at Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the Americn Worker by Mike Rose

o††††††† We all sing with the Same Voice (no author given by participant)

o††††††† Too Much of a Good Thing by Dan Kindlon

o††††††† 100 Dresses Eleanor Estes

o††††††† Eve Bunting author study issues: single parent, homelessness, migrant workers

o††††††† Jonathan KozolóSavage Inequalities or any of his books, newest one is on America’s segregated education as a form of apartheid

o††††††† Amber was Brave (no author given by participant)

o††††††† Essie was Smart (no author given by participant)

o††††††† Crow Boy (no author given by participant)


o††††††† “The Hungry Eye”

o††††††† 20/20 Special “Children of Camden with Diane Sawyer

o††††††† “Millions” a film by Danny Boyle. “What would you do if a bag full of money fell from the sky?” rated PG. Sweet, fell-good movie. Christmas themed too.

o††††††† Mogan Spurlock’s 30 Days series.The episode about living on minimum wage for 30 days.

o††††††† “That’s a Family”

o††††††† “Emanuel’s Gift”

o††††††† “Happy to be Nappy”

o††††††† “People Like Us” PBS special

o††††††† “Waging a Living”

Parent Involvement

o††††††† CFG Ė Critical Friends Group. Two resources for learning more are the folliwng: 1) A PDF of an issue of Educational Horizons dedicated to Critical Friends
Groups.† Especially helpful is the introductory "Critical Friends, Core
Values" on page 15 and the first few pages of the interview with Daniel
Baron of NSRF:††
2) The website of NSRF which describes CFGs in more depth:

o††††††† Role-playing in staff meetings difficult situations/conversations

o††††††† Attend the PoCC

o††††††† Encourage parent participation in special assemblies

o††††††† Invite parents present on their family culture

o††††††† Admissions brunch to learn about diversity at the school: @ school, no charge, on Saturday.(

o††††††† Independent School Diversity Network, contact: Wendy Van Amson,

o††††††† Admissions with parent involvement- diversity brunch on a Saturday

o††††††† A policy by the school to NOT give gifts to classroom teachers until the end of the year (AKA no holiday gifts)

o††††††† A practice of making sure that all school family/parent events are not fund-raising events. If the event is for community-building, there is no charge.

o††††††† Often parents are willing to do research for projects/resources.

Professional Development

o††††††† Have older kids (h.s. diversity) speak to Lower School teachers about experience in L.S.

o††††††† Anti-bias training each year (e.g. All-day faculty workshop on diversity)

Classroom Activities

o††††††† No name calling week (

o††††††† “Values auction” Ė each student has some “amount” of money to bid on items ranging from personal luxuries to social goods. Debrief.

o††††††† MLK projectóRosa Parks yearly event(Village Community School)

o††††††† Create Affinity groups and have regular meetings

o††††††† UN website for web-activities related to Haiti

o††††††† Teach about immigration

o††††††† “City Harvest”- 3rd grade yearlong community service project on the hungry.

o††††††† Segregated lunchóassign each child a socioeconomic class. Split them up, giving “lower class” bread for lunch and “upper class” a feast, etc. to demonstrate differences in class, access to resources, etc.

o††††††† At Marymount, we created a very effective series of activities about class diversity and socioeconomic inequality for an Upper School bias Awareness Day. e.g. “Simulating Class Stratification,” “The Hand You’re Dealt,” and a Health Crisis Case Study for Teens and Adults. For more info contact Catherine Milligan 704-582-1513

o††††††† Paul Kivel’s The Race

o††††††† Based on 2 chapters of Class Matters, we created activities including a Health Crisis Case Study for teens to consider limitations and opportunities related to class. For more info contact Catherine Milligan 704-582-1513