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Maintaining Your School’s Profile and Directory on the NYSAIS Website


Looking for instructions on how to accomplish these tasks? Please go to our Transition page for more information.



NYSAIS aims to build and sustain a vibrant, state-wide professional learning network that creates a culture of professional growth that acts as the foundation for teaching, learning, and collaboration in and between member schools. In order to communicate these relevant, timely, and engaging professional development opportunities to your school community, we need accurate and updated information about your staff.



The best way to ensure that your faculty and staff receive the appropriate professional learning emails is by adding them to a position that best meets their role in your school, as well as continually reviewing the list to ensure its accuracy. Below are two examples illustrating how to add users to a position correctly.


NO Professional Learning emails, Listserv Access, or Groups

No Emails


YES Professional Learning emails, Listserv Access, and Groups (all optional)

Will receive emails


The “Title” field is a free text field where you can insert an accurate title for everyone on your staff. Eg/ Chief Financial Officer

Instructions can be found here to update your staff directory. This functionality requires either Admin Access or the Users Permission.


Profile and Pictures

Our website has averaged nearly two million pageviews over the last three years, with many users viewing individual school profiles in the Schools section. By default, if your school has not uploaded an image, a stock photo is inserted anytime your school shows up in search results. By adding a photo, you can also request to have your school featured on the NYSAIS homepage.

Instructions can be found here to update your profile and add a picture. This functionality requires either Admin Access or the School Profile Permission.