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Introduction to Blended Learning

Date: Monday - August 01, 2016
Location: Online Course
August 1 - 26, 2016

This online course is a collaboration of One Schoolhouse and the Independent Schools Associations of New York State (NYSAIS), Central States (ISACS), Delaware Valley (ADVIS), and the North West (NWAIS).

August 1 – 26, 2016

Course Cost

$445 for consortium participants
$525 for all other participants

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Course Description

Introduction to Blended Learning is designed for the teacher (all grade levels) who has limited experience engaging students online but is interested in learning more about the concept, pedagogy, and good practice of successful blended courses. As participants engage in several online activities, they will spend time exploring current research and theories to answer the questions: What is blended learning and why is it so powerful with this generation of learners? What are design considerations for constructing a blended course? How does a blended learning approach change what my class does and looks like when face-to-face? What are the principles of effective blended learning? What are the tools needed for facilitating effective blended learning?

By the end of the four-week experience, teachers: have a clear sense of what “blended learning” is and the many forms of blended learning; understand ways to apply blended learning to their own classrooms; develop blended activities, plans, and units to employ in their classroom; and connect to a national cohort of faculty member interested in this topic.

Course Format

Participants will connect and collaborate with each other through a variety of online activities for four weeks, averaging four hours/week online.  All online course work is asynchronous, allowing participants to schedule their own involvement in the course over a given week. By the end of this four-week experience, participants will understand the implications of blended learning on their own classroom and the pedagogical considerations for applying the blended learning model to their own courses.

Unit Plan

The course is divided into four segments:

Unit 1 – Defining “Blended Learning” and Exploring Effectiveness of Blended Learning for Students Today

  • 1.1 - Why Blended Learning?
  • 1.2 - What is Blended Learning?

Unit 2 – Design Considerations for Blended Classes

  • 2.1 - Design Considerations for Building Blended Courses
  • 2.2 - Defining Your Learning Objectives & Choosing a Model to Try

Unit 3 – Elements of Blended Classes

  • 3.1 - Creating Videos for the Classroom
  • 3.2 - Discussions & Creating Community Online

Unit 4 – Creating a Blended Unit

  • 4.1 - Framing the Unit
  • 4.2 - Takeaways

Course Results

For many participants, this is the first online course that they have taken. And yet, participants have consistently rated this course highly.

Survey Question


The technology used in this course was easy to use.


I would recommend this course to a colleague.


My instructors were knowledgeable about the research and tools associated with the topic of the course.


My instructors provided regular and helpful feedback.


My instructors were available and easy to contact if I needed assistance.


Moreover, participants have offered positive written feedback on the course:

  • You probably already know that blended learning is engaging and powerful. This course will help you decide how it will best fit in your existing teaching as well as introduce you to the theories of blended learning. Highly recommended. – Participant from Perth, Australia
  • If you are new to blended learning, this is the class for you. You will research, discuss and apply concepts learned through interactive online forums. It is an opportunity to take a risk and grow as a professional so that you can meet your 21st century students at the door! -- Participant from Providence, Rhode Island
  • Thanks for exposing me and pushing me right into the heart of the blended classroom and 21st century education. – Participant from Montreal, Canada
  • I enjoyed the course a great deal! The material was pertinent and interesting; the discussions were engaging and dynamic; the online format was a refreshing change from what I'm used to. Thank you very much for a great experience! – Participant from Los Angeles, United States
  • This is a great course not only for educators who aren't familiar with blended learning but also for those who have been implementing it for a while and already feel comfortable with technology. I enjoyed evaluating my knowledge about blended learning and I learned many new strategies for approaching the topic with faculty colleagues. – Participant from New Canaan, Connecticut
  • I feel as though the class energized me and opened up a whole new way of teaching. I am excited to flip classes and use the classroom to extend discussions. Not to be dramatic, but I feel like it was life changing in terms of how I view teaching. – Participant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • I am sure that you are a super experienced educator and you have gained a lot from all kinds of workshops, seminars, etc.. Yes, me too J. However, this course just rocks! It is not only for online programs, but also brings inspirations to your classroom teaching. – Participant from Los Angeles, California

For  more information contact

Brad Rathgeber -
Executive Director, One Schoolhouse
(o) 301.842.4674 - (m) 860.202.8828

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