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The Head of School and Board Partnership during the COVID-19 Crisis: In Support of the Shifting Landscape

Date: Thursday - April 02, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: eSeminar

Online via zoom, led by John Littleford
Target audience: Target audience: Heads of School, Board Chair and Board Members


The Head of School and Board Partnership during the COVID-19 Crisis: In Support of the Shifting Landscape  

John Littleford, Littleford & Associates

Target audience: Heads of School, Board and Trustee Members

The almost ongoing, high stress job of crisis management in schools has filled the space that was once full of organizational charts, contracts, training, legal protection, salaries and other the expectations and demands.  The Head of School has needed to refocus and reframe to reflect the new reality. How do the head and the board partner together to respond to and manage this uncharted territory?

This webinar will explore:

  • How a head and board best manage constituent communications and expectations?
  • Best practice for how the board can support the head of school?
  • How a head should communicate what he/she needs in order to succeed in the role and have a balanced personal life as well?
  • What are the immediate danger zones in the head/board relationship at this stressful time?
  • What simple signals can the Board send that ensure board/school stability and confidence from the stakeholders?

Reminder: Long terms boards with long term chairs lead to long term successful heads and stable and financially sound schools

Registration closes one hour before start time. 

NYSAIS members - no charge

Non-members - $50.00

Register here

John Littleford served as teacher, trustee and head of school for over 25 years. For the past 28 years he has been a consultant to over 6000 independent and international schools. His clients also include corporations, foundations, universities and a range of other non-profit organizations.

Mr. Littleford's areas of expertise are board governance, strategic planning, executive and faculty compensation and evaluation; executive searches; marketing strategies including admissions; fund raising, managing change; school climate; institutional and financial audits; and team building. His widely read landmark book, “Faculty Salary Systems in Independent Schools” was published by the National Association of Independent Schools for 20 years.

John Littleford speaks, and leads workshops at Conferences for independent and international school and nonprofit leadership all over the world. Littleford & Associates’ Newsletter is published four times a year and is widely read by 25,000 trustees and schools and not for profit leaders.

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