How Does the Child Victims Act of New York State Impact Independent Schools - eSeminar with Grace Lee

Date: Tuesday - November 12, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: eSeminar

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How Does the Child Victims Act of New York State Impact Independent Schools?

Grace Lee, Partner, Venable, LLP

Tuesday, November 12 (4:00 - 5:00 pm)


On February 14, 2019, the New York Child Victims Act dramatically increased the ability for victims of childhood sexual abuse to bring claims against their alleged perpetrators. The Act extended New York's statute of limitations to allow for criminal charges against sexual abusers of children until their victims turn 28 for felony cases. Prior to the Act, victims had a statute of limitations of five years, which began to run when they turned 18. Civil actions are now allowed against abusers and institutions any time before the victim turns 55. In addition, beginning August 14, 2019, the Act opened up a one-year, one-time-only period to allow all victims to seek civil action, regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred. Hundreds of claims were filed on the first day the window opened.

Participants will learn how the Act impacts independent schools, hear proactive strategies to take before a claim is made, and best practices for responding to a potential claim.


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Grace Lee


Grace Lee focuses her practice on employment law, risk management, and other compliance and regulatory matters that impact independent schools and nonprofit organizations. Grace works collaboratively with business officers, board members, human resources professionals, and heads of schools to advance the mission, priorities, and culture of institutions while meeting business needs and mitigating potential liability. She has significant experience formulating and implementing policies and procedures that assist her clients in complying with applicable state and federal laws.

Grace develops best practices on a wide range of legal issues facing independent schools, including employee relations, disciplinary actions, wage and hour compliance, student safety and disciplinary issues, social media issues, and contract disputes. She conducts internal compliance audits, and also drafts and reviews key documents used by independent schools, such as employment contracts, student enrollment contracts, vendor agreements, employee and student handbooks, conflict of interest policies and procedures, whistleblower policies, document retention and destruction plans, bylaws, insurance policies, and government documents.

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