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The Darrow School Study Abroad Institute

Date: Monday - June 03, 2019
Time: All Day
Location: Israel & The Palestinian Territories

The Darrow School Study Abroad Institute - The Arab-Israeli Neighborhood, June 3-17, 2019


This credit-bearing PBL course is open to educators and high school students. No subject background necessary. Contact Edwin Hirschfeld: 518-929-6537

Course Syllabus

THE  MISSION: To negotiate and draft a peace agreement between prominent Israeli & Palestinian groups through collaborative design… while having a great time!

  • Earn History & Elective course credits
  • Unique, college-preparatory
  • Return before public school summer break
  • Return flight may be extended
  • Open to students & educators

The Arab-Israeli Neighborhood, June 3-17, 2019
This course is traveling to Israel and the Palestinian Territories to negotiate and draft a peace agreement between prominent Israeli and Palestinian think tanks. We will mediate between influential research centers that directly advise their respective governments on policy matters. Discovering this ancient land and immersing ourselves in its diverse cultures are both sweet and essential to our mission. We will tour the region, closely examine current peacemaking models, meet grassroots activists, interact with ordinary folk, and attend college seminars on geostrategy and conflict resolution. A variety of recreational activities and very much fun are of course part of the experience. Open to students, alumni, and families. No background on the subject is necessary.

The Arab-Israeli conflict continues to bedevil the region and has vexed mediators for decades. As students transition from high school to college campuses, advocates from all sides will be competing for their hearts, minds, wallets, and votes. Project Based Learning insists that students innovate solutions through community engagement and collaborative design thinking. Regardless of whether the issues are ultimately resolved, the principle objective is to equip participants to make educated decisions by cultivating lasting, nuanced, and experiential understandings of this complex, multifaceted topic.

Moreover, in an age where our hyper-connected world is being exploited by weaponizing manipulative misinformation at an unprecedented speed and scale to foment and exacerbate societal divides, the cultivation of empathetic and problem solving mindsets to prevail over vilification and belligerence is a powerful and lasting countermeasure.
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