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Robert College of Istanbul

Website www.robcol.k12.tr
Gender Coed
Region Manhattan
Boarding School Yes
Address 401 Park Avenue South, 10th floor
City New York
State NY
Zip Code 10016
Phone 212-843-5550
FAX 212-843-5556
Lowest Grade 9
Highest Grade 12
Enrollment 1039


From its founding in 1863, Robert College has sought to promote educational excellence in Turkey. Today Robert College seeks to graduate young men and women with skills, insights, and determination to function as leaders and contributing citizens in a wide range of social and cultural roles, nationally and internationally.

To achieve this end, Robert College has created an academic program designed to enable talented, highly motivated students to pursue academic excellence and acquire fluency and literacy in English and Turkish. It seeks to develop in students the desire and ability to communicate candidly, confidently, and constructively, and to foster in them a broad international outlook. Students are also encourages to be life-long learners, to develop creative and critical thinking skills, as well as to acquire knowledge vital for success in the 21st century world.

Both within and beyond the classroom, Robert College teaches its students to value integrity and to understand that democratic freedom entails responsibility as well as sensitivity to and respect for the needs, rights, and property of others. Through academic and extracurricular activities, students develop the individual interests and skills that will allow them to contribute to society in a wide range of area including educations, research, technology, government, social services, commerce, and the arts.


EXCELLENCE: Robert College strives to serve Turkey as a model of educational excellence with the highest academic standards and quality of teaching.

RESPONSIBILITY: Robert College expects students to accept the responsibilities imposed by freedom; to work had in every aspect of school life and behave with integrity.

LEADERSHIP: Robert College prepares students to be leaders in their community and nation, committed to making a contribution to society.

MULTICULTURALISM: Robert College believes in educating a diverse student body with a multilingual, multicultural approach stressing tolerance and respect for the views of others.

BALANCE: Robert College offers a curriculum balanced between science, humanities and extracurricular activities.


Head of School

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