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Village Community School

Website www.vcsnyc.org
Gender Coed
Region Manhattan
Address 272-278 West 10th Street
City New York
State NY
Zip Code 10014
Phone 212-691-5146
FAX 212-691-9767
Lowest Grade K
Highest Grade 8
Enrollment 350


Mission Statement

Village Community School develops self-motivated students who value the challenging and rewarding process of learning as an integral part of life.

We choose to be a diverse community where equity, creativity, and critical thinking are essential to the rigorous education we provide.

Our graduates are skilled and confident, able to advocate for themselves and others. They are well prepared for high school for their futures in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.

Through our social studies-centered curriculum, children gain an understanding of themselves and the world across time and place, peoples and cultures. We teach subject matter in depth with a storng interdisciplinary focus. Our students acquire substantial knowlege along with the ability to make connections between various areas of learning.

We challenge students to reach their full potential for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Our teaching offers a rich, deliberate blend of learning experiences nurturing insightful thinking and deductive reasoning, artistry and craftsmanship. Our students encounter hands-on, project-based learning as well as direct instruction, repetition, review, and reinforcement.

Children learn in different ways. We believe it is essential to offer multiple pathways to mastery. To grasp an idea, students may need to write about it, build it, act it out, graph it, contact an expert in it, debate and test it, paint it, or explore it through other activities that tap into their talents.

We empower students to take intellectual risks that discipline and stretch their minds. Our students learn how to learn, not only from teachers, but also from each other. We ecourage questioning of assumptions, lively discourse, and creative, collaborative problem solving.

Ours is a community where people care for and respect one another. We actively listen to children and allow them to express their emotions. We help our students develop the ability to make ethical choices, to appreciate each other and each other's work, and to understand the consequences of their behavior.

Our children cultivate the empathy, kindness, resilience, and self-discipline needed for lasting happiness and success. A VCS graduate has developed the skills for meeting challenges, a deep sense of social responsibility, and the ability to enjoy the beauty and drama of life. 

Diversity Statement

Village Community School is strengthened and enriched by the diversity of our students, families, and staff. We are committed to cultivating intellectual, social, and emotional growth in an inclusive environment where diverse experiences and perspectives are essential to the rigorous education we provide.

We believe diversity is crucial to academic vitality. All students learn better in classrooms with racial as well as other forms of diversity. Our social studies-centered curriculum further advances this aim, immersing children in multiple perspetives different from their own-historically, culturally, economically - promoting empathy and respect.

Inside and outside the classroom, we encourage genuine conversation about complex issues. We provide the supportive environment and tools needed to identify limiting beliefs, break through uncomfortable barriers, and affirm the identities of all members of our community.

We are an anti-bias community committed to building a more equitable society through our actions. We develop leaders. Our students have the character and the courage to confront injustice and to advocate for themselves amd others. They recognize their responsibility in shaping the world in which they live.

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