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Learning Support Specialist - Middle School

Position Type Teacher
Start 08/23/2017
School Name Léman Manhattan Preparatory School - Associate Member
City, State New York, NY 
Posted 08/09/2017

The Learning Specialist is responsible for supporting the needs of those students requiring supplemental academic instruction for mild to moderate learning needs. The Learning Specialist is the assigned case manager for those students who may have an IEP/Individualized Learning Plan or a 504 plan as a result of a student’s psycho-educational evaluation. The Learning Specialist is also responsible for developing learning plans for students who might need their learning extended through enrichment plans.


Additionally, s/he works closely with classroom teachers as a consultative expert to differentiate curriculum according to students' strengths and weaknesses.

Learning specialists provide both pull-out services and push-in support, and sometimes, when warranted, may teach a class focusing on a specific intervention for a group of students.


Learning Specialists serve as student advocates and are in regular contact with parents, support staff and teachers on a regular basis.


Responsibilities include:


  • Working collaboratively with grade level teachers to provide coaching and support for differentiation in the classroom   


  • Small group instruction to support literacy and math development during Learning Resource Center block as needed*


  • Provide student support for students requiring Tier 3 interventions during Learning Resource Center block as needed*


  • Communicating regularly with parents with regards to testing accommodations for both internal and external assessments


  • Inform parents’ of their roles with regards to paperwork and testing accommodations and liaise with counselors and external testing administrators when necessary


  • To provide continuity and progression within the grade-level content areas and to develop analytical skills necessary for academic success


  • To team teach with mainstream teachers when possible to do so


  • To ensure students are fully included in the mainstream when possible and have equal access to the curriculum*


  • Provide before-school and after-school support when needed


  • Attend Student Study Team Meetings


  • Attend Grade Team meetings to help articulate Tier 1 interventions with colleagues.


·      Attend collaborative planning meetings with subject area teachers when necessary


·      Communicate regularly with the DoE of NYC and complete all documentation required for students on assigned case loads.




Applicants must have a Master's degree in Special Education/Learning Disabilities, or a related field, and a minimum of three years of experience working in a classroom setting with children with needs. They should possess significant knowledge of learning disabilities, the ability to interpret results of IQ, achievement, and learning disability diagnostic tests as well as training in developing and implementing strategies that will allow different learning styles to achieve success. Applicants must know the Response to Intervention approach to services and must be willing to implement a program services delivery model based on inclusion.


For Lower School Specialists:  Experience using Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Foundations or other multi-sensory approaches to reading instruction is required.?

For consideration, please send cover letter, and resume to Patrick Kane @ p.kane@lemanmanhattan.org

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