Why Schools Seek Accreditation
    All good schools continually evaluate their performance by means of their own devising. Without evaluation an institution ossifies, and in a changing world it loses its meaning for society. But the view a school takes of itself needs periodically to be supplemented by an external view, one that brings a perspective the school cannot command.
    Formal evaluation combines self-scrutiny with external review by a committee of peers, both processes being guided by the NYSAIS Manual for Evaluation and Accreditation. The Manual gives structure, direction, and scope to the undertaking that goes beyond that which a school might ordinarily elect. The external review brings observations, comments, and suggestions possible only for those who are not immersed in the daily concerns of a school’s life.
    The object in evaluation is to assist the school in better realizing its objectives, to support rather than to inspect, to enhance the school’s unique character rather than to impose a common design. Thus, a school is evaluated in terms of its own purposes and objectives, not those of some remote authority. This is fundamental.

Reasons to Seek Accreditation
• Accreditation attests to a school’s quality in terms everyone readily understands. To say that a school is accredited is to say that it has met many tests without having to explain at length the nature of those tests.
• Accreditation strengthens the voice of NYSAIS in speaking collectively for the interests of independent schools.
• Accreditation satisfies a basic requirement for regular membership in NYSAIS and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).
• Accreditation affords additional protection against over-involvement of government in independent schools.
• Accreditation is an essential credential in much corporate and foundation fundraising.
• Accreditation facilitates school and college admission, transfers, and admission of foreign students.

View the NYSAIS Manual for Evaluation and Accreditation

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