Logistics for Attending NYSAIS

Conference Showcases as an Exhibitor

Please Read Carefully!

Registration is a two-step process.

  • Tables are $1,000 each, unless indicated otherwise, paid directly to NYSAIS by credit card.
  • Hotel arrangements are a separate bill paid directly to the Resort, and are in addition to the table purchase price. Please contact Mohonk Mountain House to make your required reservation for either dinner, or your overnight the night of the showcase
  • We are unable to offer discounts.
  • We accept credit card payments only for all purchases.
  • Attendee rosters are available in hard copy, the night of the conference.


ATTENDEES: School employees who have paid for a conference seat at NYSAIS conferences for the purpose of professional development.

EXHIBITORS: Vendors who have purchased a six foot draped table, or six foot space for the purpose of networking with ATTENDEES. 

Exhibitors are not school employees. Entry of Exhibitors to the conference sessions and lectures, outside of cocktails and dinner the night of the showcase, is prohibited.

If an EXHIBITOR has an overnight reservation the night of the showcase AND has purchased a table for that event, they may partake in dinner with the NYSAIS attendees, as well as next-day breaks, breakfast and lunch (if available).

SPONSORS: EXHIBITORS who have completed purchase of table space at the desired conference. Exhibitors may only be sponsors if they have confirmation of table space purchase. A Table + Sponsorship purchase in support of a specific session, lecture, break time, wine, or cocktails grants access to the sponsored session (and only that one), as well as the showcase cocktail/dinner times covered by the table space purchase. 

If an Exhibitor or Sponsor is a Mohonk guest before the start of the showcase, they will take their meals with the general Mohonk guests until the night of the showcase. Please respect the conference spaces being used for the attendee professional development. These spaces are clearly marked as reserved for NYSAIS attendees.

CONFERENCE: Usually three days of professional development to administrators and teachers at schools only, not open to exhibitors' full attendance, except during NEIT **

** NEIT Exhibitors must reserve a table by credit card and receive confirmation before registering for the full conference as non-member attendees. Both are required for non-school employees to participate in all three days' sessions.

SHOWCASE: A specific night during the CONFERENCE, at which vendors may exhibit after reserving a table. Showcases do have a raffle time. Please be prepared to collect attendee information. The MC will announce exact procedures over dinner.


Holding Tables/Sponsorships

Exhibitor Showcases outside of Mohonk

Required reservations at Mohonk, and Representatives' Stay Information

Exhibitor schedule (General)

Dinner reservations and how to pay (Note: Paid dinner or Overnight reservations with Mohonk required)

Power and Internet Availability

Mailing packages to the conference center ahead of time

Deadlines and specifications ahead of the conference

Table location the night of the showcase 

Attendee roster in digital and/or before the event 

Details about each event - For Attendees & Mohonk Seasonal Rates

Determining if an event has open tables

Changing an event order

Credit card did not go through

Credit card has been declined but works elsewhere


Can you hold a table/sponsorship for my company?

We are unable to hold tables or sponsorships without credit card payment in advance.

 Do you have any Exhibitor Showcases at events outside of Mohonk?

At this time, all of our exhibitor-permitted events are at the Mohonk Mountain House. These events are select, but if you have interest in attending any Mohonk Mountain House event as an exhibitor, please do contact Maria Flores Seibert (maria@nysais.org).

How do I make the required reservations at Mohonk?

To enter the gate at Mohonk Mountain House, your company must have reservations for your representatives. You may attend as either an "Overnight" guest, or as a "Day Guest" (meal[s] only). To access the correct reservations, online and by phone, please visit the specific conference program page on our Events Calendar at www.nysais.org, or go directly to Mohonk.com. Prices are subject to variation by season. 

Dinner is not included in your table fee. You must have either a day guest (meal reservation) or overnight reservation made with the Mohonk to get in at the gate, even if you don't plan on eating. Please make a reservation directly with the Mohonk.

As an overnight guest on the night of the showcase, you'll join the NYSAIS attendees for dinner, then breakfast and lunch*/breaks the next day.

Please note that if lunch was included for attendees on the FIRST day of the conference, the attendees will NOT stay for lunch on the LAST day of the conference. Please see our Events Calendar for full, attendee, scheduling.


What is the schedule for exhibitors at each event?

All events are for one evening. The general schedule for events (subject to slight variation by event) is:

  • Arrival: Overnight OR Dinner reservation is required for entry at the gate.
  • 4:00 pm - Exhibitors set up until 6:00 (the showcase room is closed till 4:00 pm)
  • 6:00 pm - Cocktails begin and attendees arrive at showcase area
  • 7:30 pm - Dinner
  • 9:15 pm - Tear down (approximate)

Please contact Lorie Byers (lbyers@mohonk.com) at the Mohonk Mountain House regarding space, outlets, food, and overnight accommodations. 

Do we stay for dinner and who pays?

We invite you to stay for dinner, after cocktails, and continue networking! Do please arrange for payment of your meal through the Mohonk directly. If you decide to stay overnight, the Mohonk includes three meals with your stay - and you'll eat with NYSAIS, so you can continue to network!

Power and Internet Availability? 

Power outlets are VERY limited, we will do our best to accommodate.  Please bring an extension cord, power strip and gaffers tape if you wish to power your display.  Free Wifi is available throughout the Mohonk. If you need to rent further equipment, please contact Lorie Byers (lbyers@mohonk.com), our liason.

Can I mail packages to the conference center ahead of time? 

Yes, you can send your company's conference materials ahead of time addressed to: 


Mohonk Mountain House, C/O Lorie Byers

1000 Mountain Rest Road

New Paltz, NY 12561 

All packages specifically labeled this way will be stored in Lorie's office, and will be placed in the venue room after lunch on the day of the showcase.

What are the deadlines ahead of the conference? 

  1. Exhibitor Directory descriptions and contact information for listings: 2 weeks before the event.
  2. Advertisements: 2 weeks before the event. 
  3. Names (limit 2) of participating representatives: Upon Registration for the event. (Please note, this is a strict limit for safety and fairness reasons. Purchase of spots for more reps is not available, you must purchase a second table when available.)

All advertisements must be emailed in PDF or JPEG to: maria@nysais.org

Advert specs are as follows:

The finished listing booklet will be 5.5" by 8.5". Artwork may be submitted as either JPEG or PDF.

1.       Full page $495 (approx: 4.5"x7.5")
2.       ½ page $295  (approx: 4.5"x3.5")
¼ page $195  (approx: 4.5"x 2.25")

Please note:

Advertisements must be purchased when paying for tables.

To list your company on the NYSAIS website, you must have at least one registered exhibit table during the current school year. To advertise in the directory for a specific showcase, you must have a registered table for that showcase, and pay for one of the selections above (during table purchase only - no separate advert purchases are possible).

Can I be guaranteed a certain table or location, and/or receive my table location before the event?

We are unable to guarantee a specific placement. We do our best to accommodate requests. Due to the fluctuating number and types of exhibitors present, floor plans will be finalized on the day of the showcase.  Out of respect to our servers, guests and and other exhibitors - please do not bring large, free-standing banners! We reserve the right to ask you to remove them, if set up.

Can I have the attendee roster in digital and/or before the event?

It is our practice to hand out hard copies of the attendee email list, only, the night of the showcase. 

Where can I find details about each event?

You may view specific information regarding each conference at this link.

How can I determine if an event has openings?

At the bottom of the first page of the registration form, you will see a countdown of seats available.

The event will be labeled "SOLD OUT" on the main exhibitor page, if there are no spots left. However, for some conferences we will open a waiting list, of which you will notified while registering.

How do I change my event order?

If you must change your order and have already paid, please email maria@nysais.org and specify what information you need assistance in changing. Please see our cancellation policy below, if you are unable to exhibit at the conference.

It appears as though my credit card did not go through. Am I actually registered for the event?

When you have successfully registered and checked out, you will receive a confirmation page. If the confirmation page does not appear, you might not be registered. Please verify your purchase with your credit card issuer before calling NYSAIS. If your purchase has not appeared on your statement, or has not registered as an attempt with your credit card issuer, you are probably not registered, as the transaction did not complete. American Express will show a deduction, even for incomplete purchases, for 24 hours (after which, the incomplete purchase will disappear).

My credit card has been declined but it works elsewhere, what do I do?

If your credit card has been declined, you are not registered. Please re-start your registration process ensuring that all fields are entered correctly. Please double check that all information is in the correct field and spelled correctly, including:

  • Name (exactly as it appears on credit card)
  • Address (Billing Address)
  • Zip Code (Billing Zip)

PLEASE NOTE: The address and zip code must exactly match the billing address for the credit card. Address line one is the physical address (not company name). These are the most common issues with declined credit cards.

Can I cancel my registration?


All cancellations and requests for refunds MUST be submitted via email no later than 10 days prior to the day of the conference. Telephone requests WILL NOT be honored. An email to diana@nysais.org should be received no later than 10 days prior to the conference. Requests for refunds received after this deadline will not be consideredWe are unable to offer credits for future events, but are happy to substitute name(s) for the paid registration(s).

Weather-related cancellations

In the event of a snowstorm, NYSAIS will not cancel events unless the host school or venue is closed. Unless the conference or workshop is officially canceled, refunds will not be granted.

Upon cancellation of any registration, do be sure to also cancel any hotel arrangements.

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