33rd Annual NYSAIS Job Fair to Promote Diversity
Information for Schools
School Registration - Open Tuesday, January 4, 2022!
This year's Job Fair will be hosted virtually on the Brazen platform. Each registered school will receive a booth to inform candidates about their school, list vacancies, and to chat with candidates. 

Please read all School Information before attending the fair!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Brazen - Virtual Platform


Member School registration opens Tuesday, January 4th
  • Member School Fee - $850 per school
Non-member registration opens Monday, February 4th
  • Non-Member Schools - $950 per school

Prior to the Job Fair

All schools participating in the job fair should be sure to 1) customize their booth to inform candidates about their school, 2) post their available positions on the job fair job board and in their booth, and 3) review the candidate database. Information regarding each of these was emailed to the individual who registered your school. Please refer to the email (sent to the registrant) for your link and password.
Candidate Resumés:
  • School representatives (as part of your Brazen booth) will receive database access in mid-February in order to review resumés online before the Job Fair. Schools are responsible for researching the resumés and inviting candidates to join their booth during the event.
  • These files will be available online through July 2022.
Please have each school representative review this video prior to the job fair. 

On the day of the Job Fair

Each school will be provided with a booth to chat with prospective candidates. If desired, each chat can be turned into a video conference. Chats are expected to last no longer than 10 minutes, though the booth representative can easily extend the chat. 

Non-Registered Schools

If NYSAIS Job Fair to Promote Diversity sells out, you can still participate. Following the job fair, schools will be given the opportunity to purchase access to the job fair candidate database. Please check back after the Job Fair is over.  


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where do I post jobs for Job Fair candidates?
 Instructions on how to complete this were included in your confirmation email. It has your link and password. Please reach out to the individual at your school that completed the registration process.
2.How do I see what jobs my school has already posted? How do I edit or delete a job?
 Click here to view all jobs (opening soon!) that have been posted for the job fair. Search your school name in the search box. If you see a job your school has posted that you need to edit or delete, please email maria@nysais.org with the Job Position Title & Grade Range for the job. Please be sure to send the message from your school email address. 
3.Do we need to prepare anything beforehand?

Yes. Each school will be invited to customize its booth to inform candidates about your school and to post expected vacancies. This process may involve using a standard WYSIWYG editor and/or HTML. Please do not leave this until the day of the fair. Additionally, each booth owner must invite all of the representatives that will be conducting the interview to set up their account on Brazen. 

Schools should post all their available positions on the Job Fair Job Board as far in advance as possible. Instructions on how to complete this were included in your confirmation email along with your link and password.

Schools are also strongly encouraged to research the candidates ahead of the job fair. 

4.Can we contact candidates ahead of time and set up interview times? 
 Yes, please do! Contact candidates at any time via email. 
5.What should we bring?

As many representatives that you think will be necessary to chat with candidates throughout the day. You can invite representatives to take shifts or have them all come for the entire time, rotating breaks throughout the day based on the number of candidates waiting to chat with your school. 

6.If my school posts jobs on the NYSAIS Career Opportunities page, will they appear on the Job Fair Board as well?
 No, they are two separate, non-communicating job boards. If you are a NYSAIS member school, please do post your jobs in both locations for maximum visibility. 
7.How long will we have access to the Job Fair Candidate Database after the event? 

The candidate database will remain online through July 2021. However, we encourage you to search for candidates early (and often). After the job fair, non-registered schools will be given the opportunity to purchase access to the database. 


Any other questions? Please contact Maria@nysais.org

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