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Serving on an Accreditation Visiting Committee

Accreditation visiting committees are comprised of knowledgeable and experienced professionals from peer independent schools. NYSAIS seeks to build diverse committees that bring together the wisdom drawn from a wide range of schools and areas of school life. Serving on an accreditation committee is often described as one of the most significant professional development opportunities available. It is seen by many as a chance to gain as much as one gives. We see accreditation as such a powerful professional learning experience that we have made serving on a visiting team a component of our two-year cohort program for emerging leaders.

We are always eager to welcome new volunteers into the process. If you are interested in serving on a visiting committee, we encourage you to speak with your head of school about taking this next step in your career. Since the process requires that individuals miss several days of school, we ask that candidates secure the endorsement of their head of school before submitting an application. Once this is complete, please contact us so that we can send you a form that asks for information about areas of expertise and experience so that we can add you to our accreditation volunteer database.

Candidate Profiles

We are in particular need of individuals with experience in the following areas:

  • Academic Deans
  • Assistant and Associate Heads
  • Curriculum Coordinators
  • Department Chairs
  • Diversity Directors
  • Division Directors
  • Finance Officers
  • Technology Directors


“My experience on the accreditation committee was eye-opening. Through the whirlwind of those three days I learned more about the inner workings of a school than I’ve ever known about my own school. The elements of a school that are foreign to me, finance and development, became much clearer as I listened in on the committee members and chair discuss various issues they encountered and questions that were raised.” ~ Abigail D.

“We all have a tendency to assume the problems at our home schools are unique, but of course every school has different challenges, strengths, facilities, and resources. I carried home a pride in my school for all the hard work we’re doing well, and a renewed appreciation for how much I love my job.” ~ Jennifer K.

“I left the visit feeling exceedingly fortunate to have been assigned to work with that talented team, and especially to have served under our chair’s wise and generous leadership. It was the single best professional development experience of my career. I am still reflecting on it all and suspect I will for some time. Thank you for the opportunity. ~ Joseph H.

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