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Manhattan High School for Girls

Website www.manhattan-hs.org
Gender All Girls
Region Manhattan
Address 154 East 70th Street
City New York
State NY
Zip Code 10021
Phone 212-737-6800
FAX 212-737-0766
Lowest Grade 9
Highest Grade 12
Enrollment 196


Manhattan High School for Girls is committed to fostering within each student love for Hashem, devotion to a Torah lifestyle, and pride in her role as a Jewish woman. Through a rigorous and comprehensive program in Jewish and General studies, students receive the tools to succeed in their academic and professional endeavors.

Judaic Studies at Manhattan High School, designed to touch the heart as well as the mind, consists of a four year sequential program of Tanach, Halacha, Hebrew Language and Literature, and Jewish History and Philosophy. The driving force of the program is the eternal messages of Torah as understood through the prism of Divrei Chazal. Classes are conducted in Hebrew, emphasizing and developing textual proficiency. Cooperative learning, independent study and guided research teach the students to acquire true scholarship; advanced elective courses in the Junior and Senior years expose the students to the rich tapestry of Jewish thought.

The School’s commitment to the intellectual mastery of the natural sciences and secular disciplines is reflected in the superior standard of General Studies throughout the four years of high school. New York State Regents requirements are surpassed in all departments, permitting students to begin college level work through SAT and Advanced Placement courses and university partnership programs. The General Studies department supports the school’s steadfast commitment to honing excellent oral, written and technical communication skills in the students.

Co-curricular and extra curricular activities are essential complements to the school’s philosophy. Each student is encouraged to develop her unique talents and skills through a rich program of extra curricular clubs and activities; to this end, each student is expected to assume leadership positions in her junior and senior years. Partnerships with community service and charitable organizations train the students to become contributing members of the broader Jewish community, while a dynamic speakers program exposes them to contemporary social and political issues.

Manhattan High School understands the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth as lifelong processes. The Manhattan High School graduate will aspire to define her life by Torah values, and as such, she will strive for integrity, kindness and wisdom in herself and in her interpersonal relationships. She will continue to learn and impact on her family, on her community and on Klal Yisroel. In all her fields of endeavor, the Manhattan High School student will be guided by the dictum of Shlomo HaMelech, “In all your ways, seek Hashem.” (Proverbs: 3:6)

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