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NYSAIS Sponsors & Exhibitors

Please scroll down for any changes or updates to the FAQs (below)!

NYSAIS facilitates the exchange of information among its schools by holding several signature conferences each year. The NYSAIS Sponsor Program offers businesses the opportunity to participate in and support these professional development networking events for our schools. NYSAIS is happy to introduce a new structure to our sponsor program, outlined below. Thank you for your interest!

All showcases will be held at Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY in the Lake Lounge. Generally, setup time will begin at 4:30 P.M. unless otherwise instructed by the venue.

Next Steps: Registrations are OPEN

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Please do not register for the Conference as a Professional Learning Attendee.

Registration Deadline – January 15

FAQ’s and Venue Information Below

Availability Update:

Conference Availability
Facilities & Operations Sold Out! – Completed
Business Affairs Conference Sold Out!
Heads Annual Conference ’23  Platinum only – 1 Available
All other events (below) Available


Tables will sell out fast for some conferences. Email support@nysais.org with further questions or to be added to the contact list.

*All attendees, regardless of type, are required to have a reservation, made and paid directly with Mohonk Mountain House, either as an Overnight Guest OR a Day Guest to get in at the resort gate. We can also recommend the following off-campus overnight lodging Please request a Day Guest form if you are not an Overnight Guest (see links below the chart).

*Full conference seats are reserved for employees of independent schools. Platinum Sponsors may attend the session they are sponsoring.

*Exhibitors and sponsors are expected to attend the evening meal of the date of their event which requires a separate payment to Mohonk.


The Venue

A paid reservation, Day Guest OR Overnight, is required to be allowed entrance

through the gate to the grounds for all attendees.

Please be advised that Mohonk is a private resort. A reservation is required to get in at the gate. This is a requirement for ALL guests regardless of event or function. Mohonk is currently undergoing construction and the NYSAIS rooming block is extremely limited. Rooming blocks are reserved for registered conference attendees (see eligibility below). If you wish to stay overnight at Mohonk and are a vendor/sponsor, you will need to stay at the full rate. If you are not spending the night at Mohonk, you will still need to pay for your dinner reservation.

Sponsors and Exhibitors must have a reservation for Dinner for the night of the showcase OR an Overnight reservation. Meal and room reservations are made directly with Mohonk. Reservation information is as follows:

To make an Overnight Reservation: Call 845-255-1000, or reserve online

Day Guest Reservation Links (Meal Forms):

Institutional Advancement
Facilities & Operations
The Office
Athletic Directors
Admissions & Placement
Diversity Practitioners – Coming Soon!
Business Affairs Conference
College Counseling
Early Childhood/LS
Heads – Fall ’23
AHDHASD – Fall ’23


Alternative Hotels:

Here are a few hotel options in New Paltz – Mohonk Day Guest/Meal Reservation Required!


FAQ Answers: Sponsoring and Exhibiting Steps and Other Important Info

Speaking Roles

Speaking roles are not pay-to-speak. Speaking spots are chosen by separate means and are not determined by sponsoring or exhibiting in any way. Please reach out to support@nysais.org for the method of topic submission. Selections are competitive and are generally made by committees of volunteers.

The Registration Form

The registration form the first step! If your company submits a response your contact may receive an invoice as a way of confirming the offer of a table! Please feel free to submit any comments or questions at the end of the registration form. All available pricing and information is listed on this page, and further questions can be submitted to support@nysais.org. Please always reach out to us with any invoice questions – we are always glad to assist!

The Attendees/Headcount

About a week to 10 days out from the showcase, you’ll receive a list of the attendees, minus their emails, per confidentiality and industry standards. See the chart above for the target audience to aid in your selection of a conference showcase.

Heads of School Annual Conference

The Annual Conference for Heads of School is available for Platinum Sponsorship only and does not have an exhibitor showcase (no tables). If your company decides to attend another conference, the discounted table rate of $1,000 per table is applicable pending table space.

The Table & Setup

Each company will be provided with one six-foot long, white cloth-draped table during Exhibition Night, with the exception of the Heads of School Annual Conference. 

Two representatives are permitted per conference

Spending of Sponsorship Funds

In general, the Sponsorship Fund supports the professional development of the faculty and staff of NYSAIS schools, ensuring that all schools have access to programs and conferences.

*Event Attendance Eligibility Policy

Please see the NYSAIS cancellation policy page for eligibility and cancellation questions.

Table sample: We recommend that you keep your setup simple, as you will need to take it down prior to dinner.

Table Placement/#

Tables/floorplans will be finalized on the night of the showcase. The room is limited to 28 tables. We do our best to have a good mix of different kinds of vendors. Every space has its benefits and a good flow of traffic. There will always be someone on-hand to direct you to your table.


We have dedicated storage space at Mohonk, so please send your packages early (no timing limit, but within reason), and clearly labeled with the event showcase name and your company name as outlined below.

Pre-mailed Packages:  Please ship any packages using the following template. Insert the correct company name and event – This will help us make sure your packages arrive at the showcase floor in time.

After cocktails, please remove all materials to your room or to your car prior to dinner. There is also a post-office on-premises – See the front desk for details.

Mohonk Mountain House

C/O – Your Company NameNYSAIS Showcase You will be attending 

1000 Mountain Rest Rd

New Paltz, NY 12561


Mohonk has monitor/tv screen rentals (call Mohonk directly for rentals – 845-255-1000). Please also be sure to bring extension cords, outlet strip, and gaffers tape.

Showcase Day Setup & Tear Down

Scheduling may vary, but generally, the schedule runs as follows:

4:30 pm – Vendors enter the showcase room to set up

6:30 pm – Cocktails begin in the showcase room

7:30 pm – Dinner begins. Representatives and attendees will eat together. Please remove/pack all materials before going to dinner. You may return them to your room, or pack your car before dinner.

Session Attendance:

Attendance eligibility – Attendance during conference lectures, sessions, breakouts, and meetings is strictly limited to those attendees who are currently employed at schools. While at Mohonk, you are a Mohonk Guest and can visit with session attendees during breaks and meals.


Sponsor and Exhibitor Services (but not limited to)

Admission / Financial Aid Consultation


Business Office Consultation

Communications / PR / Marketing

Compensation Consultation


Curriculum Development

Custodial & Grounds

Facilities & Maintenance

Financial Services


Governance Consultation


Organizational Development


Search Consultation

Strategic Planning