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By-Laws of the Business Affairs Council  

New York State Association of Independent Schools

  1. Purpose:  The Business Affairs Council shall be a standing committee of the New York State Association of Independent Schools.  The primary purpose of the Business Affairs Council shall be to improve the business management of schools, and assist and advise the Executive Director and Board of Trustees on these matters.  Major functions of this committee shall be to provide professional development opportunities for business officers, and counsel to member schools in need of management support; to act as a catalyst and resource for regional business associations; to stimulate research and development; to plan and execute the annual business conference; to promote communication on business affairs (e. g. NYSAIS publications); and to provide such other services as Trustees of NYSAIS may from time to time request.
  2. Membership:  The Business Affairs Council shall consist of not less than 9 or more than 15 members chosen from among Business Officers of NYSAIS member schools.  The members shall be divided into three equal classes, each member to be appointed by the Executive Director of NYSAIS for a three year term.  Every effort is to be made to balance the membership from different parts of the State. No member may serve more than two successive terms.  Any member may be appointed to a third term if at least one year has elapsed following expiration of a second term.

A Head of School shall be appointed from time to time, as appropriate, by the Executive Director of NYSAIS to serve on the committee as a liaison to the Heads of School.

The Executive Director of NYSAIS shall be an ex-officio member of the Council.

  1. Officers:  The Nominating Committee will propose a slate of officers each year for approval by the BAC at the meeting immediately prior to the annual conference. The Business Affairs Council shall choose from among its members a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary, each to serve for one year and each of whom may stand for re-election annually.  Each such officer shall have such authority and perform such duties as generally pertain to their respective offices.
  2. Sub-Committees:  Each sub-committee shall have a chair and a vice-chair, to be appointed by the BAC chair. There shall be standing committees to perform the following functions:

Nominating Committee – This committee shall suggest persons to the Executive Director of NYSAIS for appointment to the Council and shall each year propose a slate of officers to the BAC for the following year. Non-BAC members may be solicited to participate in the activities of the subcommittees.

Research and Development Committee – This committee shall research issues of interest and concern to business officers of independent schools, report on the results of such research to the member schools,  and where appropriate, recommend a course of action.

Conference Committee – This committee is responsible for planning and executing the annual Business Officers conference with the assistance of the office of the Executive Director of NYSAIS.

Communications Committee – This committee shall report to the member schools on the activities of the BAC and on issues of interest to business officers.

The Chair of the BAC may from time to time appoint other committees for the purpose of carrying forward the activities of the Council.

  1. Amendments:  The By-laws of the Business Affairs Council may be amended at any time by a two-thirds vote of its members, providing that any such change must be approved at a regular meeting of the Trustees of NYSAIS.


January 1988

Amended November 2003