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Principles of Best Practice – Admissions

The overriding good practice in admissions is full and complete communication between sending and receiving schools. Correspondence between schools about students, parents or teachers is absolutely confidential unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • A school should never accept a student without requesting a transcript and other pertinent information from the student’s present school.
  • A sending school should not release records or transcripts for departing students until all financial obligations have been met.
  • Although healthy competition is encouraged, schools should not engage in overt recruitment of students from other schools, e.g. targeted personal mailings, parents or children of one school calling parents or children of another, and personal invitations to recruiting events.
  • A school should focus on its own strengths and let itself and all others be judged by their performance and reputation in the communities they serve. A school should not allow anyone in the official capacity to discuss with applicants the alleged weaknesses of competitor schools.
  • Schools should not permit counter offers of financial aid to be used as a basis of bargaining for students.